Game Improvement

Fully Integrated Solutions

Can the aboutGolf® Simulator actually improve your game? We don’t think
so ... We KNOW so.

Integrated Solutions Including:

  • aG Flix™

  • aG Balance Pro™

  • Extensive shot and round statistics

aG Flix™

Dont Analyze Pro's Swings

Analyze Yours

It's just not enough to look at the stats on the screen. We are so used to watching the Pros tee it up that we sometimes imagine ourselves in their cleats. But sometimes, don't you just want to see YOU? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see yourself ... hands, feet, shoulders ... the good, the bad and the ugly? ... at regular speeds, slo-mo and freeze-frame? In color? Try aG Flix™, the best video analysis technology in the industry.

aG Balance Pro™

It's All About Balance.

It's instinctual and something with which we are born. It's not a Yin/Yang, guru on the mountain thing, it's physical mechanics. Picking up nearly any sport requires a finely tuned sense of balance and in some cases it's like learning how to walk all over again. Baseball, skiing, football, you name it. Golf requires a very specialized physical presence. Precise mechanics coming together to create the perfect placement of your body when taking a swing. aG Balance Pro™ provides the information you need. We WILL make you a better golfer.

Extensive shot and round statistics

Extensive Shot Stats

Sometimes, looking at stats on a big screen can be a little intimidating. Something akin to looking at an x-ray at a doctor's office and asking, “So what the heck am I looking at?” It's our job to allow you to understand exactly what you are seeing and what it means to you.