The Family that Plays Together. . .

Life happens and for many of us work allows us to have the life we always envisioned for our families. But what's the point if we don't make time to play? Let your simulator be your gathering place, your clubhouse, your Family time.

Complete Entertainment:

  • Gaming

  • Jr Golf with skill level & jr tees

  • Movies / TV

  • Music

  • Family media library access

No Tokens Needed

You know that closet full of board games that you rarely play anymore? Right, THAT one. Well, you can clean it out and use it for wine storage because aGGames has arrived! We started out with 3 MiniGolf Courses and recently added Skeeball, and that's just the beginning. We have a full slate of new games on the horizon. Fun for the whole family!

Golf is not just your Dad’s Game. . .

The game of Golf has become America’s fastest growing family activity. Unlike “team” sports, anyone can do it at any time (except at night, but we have a cure for that!). And the aboutGolf® Simulator pushes the envelope of golf in a so many ways – with Challenge Games, Event Games, Short Course Masters, Ranges, MiniGolf, Skeeball and so much more!

Family Movie Night

aboutGolf® Simulators provide an HDTV surround sound environment that's perfect for watching the big game with friends and family alike. With the ability to integrate your existing entertainment system with our state of the art technology, you'll be the envy of the block ... well, many blocks
actually ... probably your whole neighborhood!

So, Aunt Sally couldn’t make The Wedding...

And, of course, you’ve been dying to have the neighbors over to see the pictures you took during the family’s “Great Grand Canyon Adventure” (and you still want to get your wrench back!).

Instead of passing around the pics or watching the itty-bitty people on the screen of your phone, why not make it a REAL party with the Hi-Def picture and pro-quality sound on your aboutGolf® Simulator. Larger than life and twice as interesting! Family reunions have NEVER been this fun before ... especially if you include a round of golf at Pebble Beach Golf Links® as part of the deal ... just sayin’.