We Build, You Play.

When we custom design your aboutGolf® Simulator,... we don’t just give you a box in which to hit golf balls. You get an expertly crafted environment, tuned to your swing, calibrated to your game, driven by your needs.

Our Design Process:

  • Fully Customized

  • Extremely Versatile

  • Wide Range of Options

Think it can't be done? Think again?

When choosing the kind of simulator for your space, aboutGolf offers a pretty wide palette from which to pick ... all of which are fully customizable to the size of your space. And, if we're to be 100% honest here (which we've been pretty good about so far) our Design team gets a real kick out of unusual spaces. Just when you think there is NO POSSIBLE WAY a simulator will fit into the space you want to
use ... our team makes it happen!

Pick a model at the right for more information.

aG Curve™ (180°)

Our 180° Curve, which provides a tighter screen arc, puts you right in the thick of it with a deeper sense of immersion. Even folks with the best peripheral vision will see nothing but green on this simulator. You’ll feel like you are THERE!


aG Curve™ (corner)

Our Corner Curve Simulator which provides a wider screen arc, gives you room to stretch out with a more open air feel. It’s a fantastic experience for both gaming and home theater. The aboutGolf® Corner Curve is closer to our popular SimSurround™ option, but with an upgraded smooth continuous arc.


If you want to get the full immersion experience, try the aboutGolf® SimSurround™. Three screens that put you in the middle of the action. It's a beautiful day ... the trees to the left are swaying in a soft breeze ... the clubhouse to the right is probably just serving breakfast. In front of you ... Destiny ... hole number 1, and you see it all. Though you better bring your own omelette ...



Our “Widescreen” simulator is a best seller. For those who like their simulators roomy and comfy we offer a wider version of our “classic” style. You'll get a real feel for the outdoors, those low-flying birds and the fog coming off the ocean at Pebble Beach Golf Links®.


Of course, we do have certain styles that our friends seem to gravitate toward: The baby that started it all. . .our “Classic” simulator. Simple, yet elegant and a great showpiece for any home. Without a doubt, our story begins here. But since we are constantly improving and adapting, there is also a timeless quality to this simulator that turns the word “classic” into something new and fresh.


Compact Classic

For those with a little less room, but still demand the experience of the best simulator on the market in their home, we offer the Compact Classic. Custom fit for a space with a little less to work with, but with all the bells and whistles of its big brother. The same technology, the same data, and the same beautiful, lush courses, fit for a more cozy room. Judge us not by our size . . . The Compact Classic, another testament to the most versatile simulator available.

100 Years Of Experience

Our team of simulator designers has over 100 years of total experience coming from architectural and engineering backgrounds. Our design team is experienced with building codes, and the best construction practices. We are able to work seamlessly with you and your designer and/or construction team. We will provide renderings of various options prior to construction, and detailed construction documents to ensure that structural and electrical requirements are clear. If our products are the best, it's because we start with the best personnel for your job.