Golf Simulators

aboutGolf® Simulators are the best way to experience the game of golf any time of year, in any location. Our indoor golf simulators are popular with college, amateur, and pro athletes, golf instructors, and golfers of all skill levels and ages.

They are a fun and educational way to improve your golf game, anytime, anywhere!

How It Works
aboutGolf® Simulators provide an entertaining virtual golf experience. A system of hardware and software components track club movement, ball launch, and ball-flight. Look at the screen to see a simulation of what the ball would have done based on those same conditions out on the open links. Use the golf swing analyzer to assess your swing and improve your game from the comfort of home!

Golf simulator...

Start Your Own Indoor Golf Center

Is This The Year You Start Your Own Business?

You've planned and saved, figured out the financials and talked with friends, family members, attorsneys and self-appointed experts and you're ready to start your own indoor golf center. to us.

The Best Golf Simulator Money Can BuyIf you're wondering where to start to get your indoor golf center up and running, you've come to the right place. aboutGolf® Simulators has over 25 years in the golf simulation business, is an Official Golf Simulator Provider for the PGA TOUR, and is the exclusive on-air simulator provider for Golf Channel. Our products are featured on programming such as The Golf Fix, School of Golf and Golf Central since they are the only simulators with the accuracy, ...

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Golf Simulator

Buying a golf simulator is a big decision that you'll want to spend some time thinking about before settling on a product. There are many different products on the market today and they are not all the same. Each indoor golf simulator brand has its own unique characteristics and capabilities which will affect your use and enjoyment of the product. Before making a buying decision consider the following:

1. Your GoalsNo two indoor golf simulators are the same. Some are intended solely for recreation and entertainment. Others are heavy into training and conditioning. Those that are used more for entertainment purposes may not have the accuracy that someone who wants to use the unit for game improvement needs, for example. Figure out your end...

How a Home Golf Simulator Can Improve Your Short Game

Everyone loves the driver. Spectators ooh and ahh over long drives and there's a strong sense of satisfaction when you hear the thunk and watch the ball go soaring across the course. But…long drives don't matter much if your short game is lacking.

If your short game could use some work, a home golf simulator may be just what you need.

3 Ways an aboutGolf® Home Golf Simulator Can Improve Your Short Game

  • Practice anytime. Practice makes perfect. A home golf simulator is exactly what you need to sneak in a few minutes or a few hours of practice whenever you want. Time and weather constraints don't apply when all you have to do is walk down the hall to your own indoor golf simulator!

  • Swing analysis. Did you know that golf simulators provide swing analysis for your short game and long game? Many golfers focus on drive analysis, but you can learn a lot about your short swings with a home simulator too. Get insights and feedback that you can immediately put into use to improve putts.

  • Club and shot analysis. Our simulators let you analyze and compare your shots using different clubs in many different situations. Analyze your chips and putts, calibrate your pitch shot, see how you fair with different brands, try your shots on different courses, and more. Whatever your short shot challenge, a home golf simulator can recreate it so you can practice and hone your skills.

One more way that home golf simulators help improve your overall game is by teaching you to pitch and chip by distance, not by visual cues. Mistakes that plague amateurs like watching the ball instead of keeping your eyes still through the shot and eyeballing shots instead of feeling their distance can be corrected with an indoor g...

How to Pick The Best Golf Simulator

If you've started to look at golf simulators you may be wondering how you're ever going to pick one. There are so many choices and features that differ from brand to brand and even from product to product within the same brand - how can you ensure you're getting the best golf simulator for your money?

Well, we're here with some advice: think practical first, and then go for the bells and whistles.

Practical Considerations
Golf simulators come in all shapes, all sizes, and all prices. That means you need to first think about the practical considerations like what kind of space you have, who will be using it, and your budget restraints.

While golf simulators can be installed just about anywhere, you do need to make certain they are accessible ...

Perfect Your Game in the Off Season with Virtual Golf

We can't all live in Florida where we can enjoy a game of golf anytime of year. Fortunately, with our top-quality virtual golf simulators you don't have to! aboutGolf® Simulators are perfect for enjoying a nice game a golf even when the calendar or weather report says it's not possible.

Virtual golf is the perfect way to improve your game during the off-season. Stay limber, get some decent exercise in when everyone else is hibernating, and walk out onto the course in the spring ready to go!

3 Ways Virtual Golf Simulators Can Help You Improve Your Game

  • Practice at your own pace. Is there anything more frustrating than feeling like you have to rush through a shot because the marshal is on your back? Or maybe you don't like the feeling of being watched as you try to perfect a troublesome shot. With a virtual golf simulator in your own home, you can eliminate these mental blocks by practicing anytime you want for as long as you want. Take as long as you need to set up the shot, try different angles, different clubs, different amounts of power, or whatever else you need to do to get that shot down pat - with no prying eyes to throw you off.

  • Focus on problem areas. Everyone has a problem area. The trouble is, you rarely get a chance to work on those troublesome shots when you are out on the course. Either you're crunched for time, you're with a foursome who'd rather keep moving, or conditions aren't right. Virtual golf machines allow you to recreate these irksome situations over and over again until you nail it. Likewise, you can spend as much time as you need at the "driving range" or working on your putts or chips without anyone behind you glancing at their watch.

  • Learn about your swings. How many times have you been out on the course and wondered, "What did I do wrong?" A virtual golf simulator can tell you exactly what you did wrong and at what point it all started to fall apart. It can help you learn how to make corrections that can improve your swing and your results.

Start The Season Off Right With An aboutGolf® Virtual Golf Simulator

Spend more time enjoying the game and less time getting your swing back in shape next spring with help from an about...

4 Reasons Your Family Will Love an aboutGolf® Simulator

Home golf simulators aren't just for the pros or the golfer in your family. They are a family-friendly investment that will pay off for many years down the road. Teach your kids golf, improve your own game, get some rounds in during the dead of winter, and get the whole family involved.

An aboutGolf® Simulator is:

  • Fun for Everyone

  • A Complete Entertainment Experience

  • Perfect for Exercising Anytime

  • Totally Private

Fun for Everyone
aboutGolf® Simulators are 100% family-friendly. Take Family Game Night from stationary board games around the kitchen table to games that get the entire family on their feet and competing in fun and exciting ways! Golf, MiniGolf, Skeeball, and more will have your family bonding like never before.

Expand the fun to your friends too. Pretty soon you'll be the house for hosting all the holidays and get-togethe...

4 Places You will Find an Indoor Golf Driving Range

Getting out on the driving range doesn’t mean waiting until the snow has melted and the ground has firmed up. An indoor golf driving range can be a fun distraction any time of year or a way to hone your skills during the off-season. Golf simulators can take you to courses around the world and challenge you in ways you may never be able to on courses close to home.

Here are some of the reasons we love hitting the virtual links:

  • Open anytime. No weather to worry about.

  • Practice during the off-season.

  • Heated!

  • On-the spot swing and club analysis.

  • Realistic simulation. Watch your ball from start to finish.

So, where can you find an indoor golf driving range? In more places than you think!

4 Places You'll Find an Indoor Golf Driving Range

  • Clubhouses & Pro Shops. More and more clubhouses and pro shops are adding indoor golf simulators to their facilities. This allows the shop to offer year-round golf access and instruction. If you want serious analysis and top-of-the-line features, these locations are the most likely to have them. Check your local shops to see if they've added an indoor range yet and what kind of access they are offering. You may find yourself limited to access on certain days or times if the pro is also using it to offer lessons.

  • Arcades & Sports Bars. If you just want to blow off some steam or get in some practice and don't care too much about the analytics, check out the indoor ranges at arcades and sports bars. These venues are ideal for providing you with a fun time and you probably won't have to make a reservation to get in.

  • Resorts. Need to brush up on some skills before you hit the resort course while on vacation? Like clubhouses, many resorts are finding the benefits of adding an indoor golf driving range to their offerings. Wait out rainy weather, get in an hour of play before dinner, or enjoy some alone time while your family is at the pool.

  • Casinos. Had enough of the lights and sounds on the casino floor? Head over to the indoor golf driving range. The open space, calming scenes, and quiet thunk of hitting the ball will calm your mind and stop your ears from ringing. It's a perfect oasis in the chaos of slot machines.

We're curious. Have you tried an indoor golf driving range? If so, where? How did you like it?